Clash of Clans Defense Strategy – Town Hall Level 5 #2

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This is a Town Hall Level 5 Defense in the game Clash of Clans. It’s the best one out there! Let me know what you think below. ——————————…


Ninja25384 says:

that lost me 1000 trogfys

Jesse Smith says:

It’s still ok

Evun Cook says:

i have 900 trophies… it’s much harder

Caleb Anderson says:

Your layout is amazing. I almost never get attacked and I am constantly
storing 100,000+ elixir and gold. This has helped me sooooo much!
THANKS!!!! ;)

Ferns Francois says:

Why not extend the double walls to make them less susceptible to Wall
breakers? By putting space between them it would make the inner wall
impervious to splash damage from outer wall attacks no?

Rishit Kotian says:


Dane Harker says:

Thanks so much

karuta123 says:

isnt this base bad since the town hall isnt in the middle n could jget
destroyed once they destroy the camp fire?

Cole Nagel says:

682 trophies is not a lot I have 1400 about

zedek boateng says:

I hate this base i copied it and lost over 79 trophies all together in 2

Joe Shmoe says:

i just got 1 starred. 59% he was TH level 7. 190 troops.

Wang Kevin says:

The weak spot of this Fking base is the top. 

HHgGenericZ says:


Thatonedude4192 says:

Join Camelot

Sergio acon says:

These base sucks just 1 wallbreaker and lots of gigants and your done I
prefer to have levels of walls better like Nortygames

Uberd Scout says:

Omg that is freggin sick!

Richard Cabrera says:

You only have 600 trophies of course there attacking sucks

TheMaximum Maximus says:

Base sucks noteworthy games WAY BETTER

Austin Wallace says:

You could of used wizzerd towers insed of archer towers but still it is a
good set up

magic power says:

Noteworthygamers one is better check his out

Wes Best says:

but you can have level 5 walls

Margie Stevens says:

Get unlimited gems, gold and elixir

Jerome Nguyen says:

Your archar tower sucks

Jerome Nguyen says:

Cheater using gems to get 4 builder hugs when you have town hall 5 ?!

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